An Edited Literary Reading Series

Month: January, 2013

Thanks For Coming, See You March 14th

Our first event, Drugs Vs. Your Mom, was a great success. We heard some awesome stories about the abuse of prescription drugs and alcohol, a mother’s unsettling obsession with her child’s cleanliness, a summer spent at a gay conversion therapy camp, a debauched New Year’s party from an eleven year-old’s point of view, and, of course, anal brides. Needless to say, it was hysterical. We’ll see you again on March 14th for Pawnshops Vs. The Future.   IMG_9484 IMG_9477 IMG_9470 IMG_9483 IMG_9479IMG_9480

From top to bottom: Grant Ginder, Samuel Cooper, Rachel Bennett Pelz, Antonio Aiello, and our lovely audience.

Join Us January 10th for Drugs Vs. Your Mom

This Thursday at Culturefix is our first ever reading event, Drugs Vs. Your Mom. Starting at 7pm, some of our favorite writers will share sad and funny tales of pharmacological intoxication, maternal obsession, maternal repression, and maternal suffocation, plus strange sex cults, bad weddings, drunk children, drunk mothers, and everything in-between.


Rachel Bennett Pelz is a 2nd year MFA candidate at NYU. She is at work on a novel about the people who were mean to her in high school.

Antonio Aiello is the editor of, the online voice of PEN American Center. He writes fiction and nonfiction, all too often about his mother.

Samuel Cooper was born in Alabama; he moved to Nashville, then to New Jersey and, finally, to Brooklyn. He has three current projects: a musical setting of Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience; a dissertation on political imagination and science in Plato and some Romantic poets; and a novel about falling in love with future life-forms.

Grant Ginder is the author of the novels This Is How It Starts and Driver’s Education, which was released two days ago. He received his MFA from NYU, where he teaches expository writing. He lives in New York City.