Submissions Closed For March and May. Submissions Open For July and September.


We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of the great work we’ve received for our upcoming events, Pawnshops Vs. The Future and Fucking Filthy Vs. Fucking Pristine (that latter one especially, you are a wonderfully dirty-minded lot). So, while it pleases us to say that we’re all filled up, we regret we cannot read anymore pieces about poverty, unfulfilled ambitions, lost loves, sex, and/or various bodily functions. However, we are ready to hear to whatever you might have to say about Ghosts Vs. Your Reflexes (think: memories and past tragedies, dead loved ones and impulsive behaviors, current failures and quickly catching things) and Satan Vs. Your Dentist (think: motives of self-destruction or self-preservation, the thrill of danger or a life of quiet complacency, the safety in familiar things or the terror lurking behind the every day). Remember, these are only guidelines. Feel free to surprise us. We’re looking forward to seeing what you’ve got.

In the meantime, please join us on March 14th when will we present Reineke Hollander, Rebecca Bates, Kate Hill Cantrill, Cliff Bentson, and Katherine Carlson, and on May 9th to be regaled by Thaddeus Rutkowski, Elizabeth L. Davis, Scott Morris, and Marie-Helene Bertino.

P.S. Click the links above to enjoy some specially themed Spotify playlists.