Clean Neon Sign

So Fucking Filthy Vs. Fucking Pristine came and went. Four writers told us stories that often dealt with sex and its consequences: STDs of mysterious origin, unintentional pregnancy, and a young girl learning exactly what her body is capable of and how exactly to be ashamed of it. We also heard about other aspects of the body, namely the mind, and what happens to when us to when start to lose it, how foreign we begin to seem to ourselves, so foreign that we might even believe that we come from another planet. In addition, The Disagreement screened its first ever short film, “One More Bite,” which can be best summed up as pizza pornography. In fact, pizza popped up in almost piece that was presented, making us wonder when it became such a profound metaphor for awkward sexuality.

We kicked the night off by reading this quote from Sam Lipsyte, who’s pretty much a patron saint to us, from a piece he wrote about writing about sex: “Sometimes, though, you have to face the multi-spined beast head on. Be brave, and trust in your love of language and your love of sex. (Or lack of it.) Trust in the modern gods who guide your hand: Sad and Funny. Like it or not, these are the twin poles for most of our tiny thoughts and doings. Sad and Funny are both the world and how we withstand it.” These words of wisdom hold true for writing about pretty much anything.

Join us next time on July 11th when we will present Ghosts Vs. Your Reflexes. Until then, stay clean.

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From top to bottom: Thaddeus Rutkowski, Elizabeth L. Davis, Victoria Matsui, and Marie-Helene Bertino.