We’ve Been Had

by thedisagreement


Anniversaries Vs. Your Funeral was a celebration of the end of our first year, and it set a high bar for the next one. Writers from each of the six installments so far were asked to come and surprise us with the pieces they read. Most responded to the death and dying portion of our theme, often with profane and hilarious takes on it. Others were more subdued and moving. A few managed to be both. And all of them were wonderful examples of the kinds of work The Disagreement went looking for, and found, when we wanted to see what was so funny about the sad, grotesque, and the perverse.

It was hard for us to pick which writers we wanted to read on our anniversary, because the mission we set for ourselves, other than to present a night of literary readings that would be entertaining, was to only feature work that we we were both passionate about. So to choose just a handful from the twenty-eight writers, poets, and filmmakers we’ve presented was a bit of a Sophie’s choice for us. Over the last year we’ve found the work that we’ve assembled for these readings from a variety of sources: friends and acquaintances, submissions, and by occasionally stalking writers who we stumbled across on the internet or in literary journals and hounding them until they agreed to read for us. And it’s been a unique pleasure to find these myriads of stories, poems, and short films that we love and then to present them to an audience with the hopes that they love them in turn, and we’d like to thank everyone who’s read for taking part.

Join us on March 12th when The Disagreement Presents: Shithoused, an evening of readings about drugs and drink and other forms of inebriation. Submissions are still open, so send us something.

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From top to bottom: Thaddeus Rutkowski, Marina Weiss, Samuel Cooper, Reineke Hollander, Alex Morris, and Kayla Rae Whitaker.

* The image at top was borrowed from This Charming Charlie.