Heavily Intoxicated

by thedisagreement


On March 12th The Disagreement presented its 8th Installment: Shithoused.*

It’s almost cliche to explore the connection between intoxication and creation, but handled deftly, characters under the influence can provide for some moments of real pathos and  humor. Last Wednesday night, a group of five readers took us through many kinds of intoxication, moving past simple drunkenness and delving into the more nuanced things that hold us hostage. Not least of all was a shared intoxication with language, and these writers offered words crafted into something you could get lost in as well.

Hannah Sloane began the night by tacking what can be the most intoxicating drug of all – love. Relationships and what can hide in plain sight. Michael Keenan took us through the pleasure and terror of shared drug experiences, imagined car rides and back and forth conversation-via-poem. Cat Richardson explored the dual sides of an infestation, both wanting to be part of and separate from it. She asked us to stare down the fear of becoming a database incapable of love, to consider chemical anxiety and expectations unmet. Lilly O’Donnell reached out to the far depths of memory: what it feels like to be a child and if it’s ever possible to be an adult, viscerally evoking the summer in the city to a cold and winter-broken audience. Finally,  Lizzie Harris, having arrived fresh off Amtrak, was happy to share what she’d gleaned in three hours of overheard conversation (and isn’t that it’s own kind of drug?) in between her poems. Lizzie’s first book “Stop Wanting” has just been published by Cleveland State University, but on the audience she dropped a new set of work (and literally dropped the mic).

See you May 14th for Wet is Better Than Greasy (submissions open!).

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From top to bottom: Hannah Sloane, Cat Richardson, Michael Keenan, Lily O’Donnell, and Lizzie Harris