Exit Strategies


On May 15th, Wet Is Better Than Greasy happened. Four writers and one filmmaker brought us tales of sex and all its absurdities and repercussions. Brittany Goss’s “Beauty Queens,” dealt with a young woman facing an unplanned pregnancy while spending the weekend at her sister’s beauty pageant. Rebecca Mills turned several real-life dating disasters into a Choose Your Own Adventure, inviting our audience to participate and select the direction of the affairs. In Sara Lippmann’s quiet and haunting “Fun and Games,” a couple’s dialogue in bed becomes an almost Pinter-esque power struggle. And Molly O’Brien’s “Casual, Flux” featured the awkward gropings of young lovers as told by an alien observer, quantifying their deeds on the “Orcon database,” wondering whether the two have any future together. We were also honored to present a short film — the inimitable “Horsefingers 3: Starfucker,” by writer/director Kirsten Kearse, a film so strange and wonderful that for me to reduce it to words would be pointless.

The Disagreement also has several upcoming readings which we are very excited about. First, we will be presenting Decay at our usual Culturefix location on the unusual date of July 23rd. And during the first weekend of August, we are pleased to be presenting a special reading, Cow Pies Vs. Old Gum, as part of the Wassaic Project Summer Exhibition and Festival, a free three day festival of the arts in upstate New York.

More info about both will soon follow, but as of now, submissions are still open.

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From top to bottom: Molly O’Brien, Rebecca Mills, a still from “Starfucker,” Sara Lippmann, and Brittany Goss