Shit Got Broke

by thedisagreement


We couldn’t have an event called Busted without something breaking — in this case, both the photographer’s camera and Culturefix’s projector went down. And unfortunately, we were not able to screen our scheduled short film, Donald Cried. But what didn’t go wrong was the quality of our readers. Miles Klee, Susannah Kemple, and Adam Dalva read stories that were sad and funny and altogether inventive. In Miles Klee’s “Waiting For The Chinese,” a broken car horn and undelivered Chinese delivery portend a father’s existential crisis. Susannah Kemple’s “A Miracle,” featured two practitioners of “cynical old fashioned body music” who visit a psychic in the Miccosukee Spiritual Village. And in Adam Dalva’s moving piece “Toby,” he intertwines (and superimposes) the story of a life-changing childhood friendship with the comic “Bone.”

Donald Cried will be screened at one of our upcoming readings this fall, so please stay tuned. In the meantime, please join us on August 2 in Wassaic, NY for Cow Pies Vs. Old Gum.