Heads In The Sand


I knew this guy who woke up one morning and put on his pants to find them tight. “Fuck!” He said. “My pants are tight. Someone shrunk them.” That night he sprayed cologne on his neck and chest and balls and went to a bluegrass show where he was looking for a woman who said she had tickets. She never showed. So he left and went to a diner to have some disco fries. In the morning he woke up and he weighed 500 pounds and didn’t get out of bed ever again.

Anyway, on January 13th, The Disagreement presents: “I kept telling myself you’re ok; you’re not that bad.”

Denial is a powerful drug, unless, like, you say it’s not.

At The Hi-Fi Bar, 169 Avenue A. The readings will start at 8pm.


Alexandra Kleeman lives and writes on the north shore of Staten Island. Her work has appeared in The Paris Review, Zoetrope, Guernica, Tin House, and n+1You Too Can Have A Body Like Mine, a debut novel about identity theft, snack cakes, and double Jesuses, will be published by Harper in Summer 2015.

Allie Werner lives in Brooklyn and works in the basement of a museum. Her work has appeared most recently in NANO Fiction, Corium, and Hobart.

Rumaan Alam’s stories have appeared in Crazyhorse, StoryQuarterly, American Short Fiction, and elsewhere.

Marianne Mckey is a recent graduate from The New School’s MFA program in creative writing. Her other works can be found at The Los Angeles Review, Storm Cellar, and Fiction Fix. In 2010, Marianne was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She currently lives in Brooklyn.