The Best Place to Cry is the Bathroom


On March 24th, The Disagreement celebrated its (belated) 2nd anniversary with “What Business Do You Have To Cry Here?”, filling the back room at HiFi and reveling late into the night. We hosted some of our favorite readers from 2014, reading poetry and prose that stared loneliness, fear, rejection, and unpleasant bodily sensations in the face.

Usually, The Disagreement participates in the process of choosing the work that will be read, but for our anniversaries, we like to be surprised. Thanks to Brittany Goss, Tobias Carroll, Miles Klee, Mary Krienke, and Lizzie Harris (all pictured below, respectively).

As far as we know, no one actually cried during the reading. They had no business to do so.

We’ll be back in May with “Better Yet, Did You Need To Wash It Today?”