Past and Future

by thedisagreement

Past-Present-Future-neon-sig-2.pngSkipping right past the present, let’s talk about the future. The Disagreement returns in 2016 with six readings. Join us on January 13th at The HiFi Bar for our 3rd Anniversary when we’ll bring back readers from each of the 2015 Disagreements to present their interpretation of the theme: “It’s like being told you’re obsolete…”

We’re open to submissions for the rest of the year, and you can find all of our upcoming themes and dates here.

Now the past. We’ve been slow on the updates, but July and November we’re fantastic readings. On November 3rd, Barbara Rosenthal, Kevin Dugan, Jay Deshpande, and Erin Swan (pictured, respectively below) gave us fiction and poetry on our favorite topic: failure. The theme was “The low bar is harder to learn,” and we heard it all — the way our bodies fail us, and we them, the cracks in parent-child bonds, how we’re just not measuring up, at all.


No matter what we do, the past continues. Back on July 20th, “The bank closed, so they moved on” (with Lynn Strong, Jackie Corley, Elizabeth Clark Wessel, and Ben Purkert).