Everything Hurts, Sometimes


We need to catch up a little. In May we were joined by Ron Kolm, Emma Horwitz, James Capozzi, and Brady Huggett to present “Don’t throw it all away because of your emotions…” The stories and poems were out of this world – intense, captivating, and so well presented aloud. Couldn’t have asked for more, and we thank everyone who read and all those who attended.

We don’t usually have readings back to back (or rather every month), but everything aligned for us to have a June reading, too. Why not! So, this past Wednesday, Emily Temple, Sarah Sarai, and Matt Dojny thrilled us with their work in what was perhaps, the most intimate night of The Disagreement ever. ¬†Maybe it was because the readers went on later than normal (we started this reading at 9 pm). Or maybe, it was because the theme really did get some smoke in our eyes.

Photos below (Ron Kolm, Emma Horwitz, James Capozzi, and Brady Huggett. Emily Temple, Sarah Sarai, and Matt Dojny.)